Let your Maryland officials know you don’t appreciate limiting therapy for minors! (MD SB 1028)

Unfortunately, Governor Hogan signed SB 1028. This very bad bill furthers a radical left-wing agenda masquerading as science, by punishing Maryland's mental health professionals for merely talking with minors about their unwanted same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria.

Click the link below to send Governor Hogan, and your state legislators, an email to let them know you are disappointed that they gave in to the politically-correct agenda of the radical left.

While the evidence in favor of bills like SB 1028 is murky, the political ideology is clear. This terrible bill infringes upon a minor's privacy, confidentiality, and limit their options to seek restorative talk therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria, all in the name of political correctness. Public policy must be created on sound science, not on ideological social experimentation or mere anecdotes, and yet that is precisely what this bill would do.

Further, major scientific studies have shown that -- contrary to the politically-motivated views of those on the extreme left -- sexual orientation can, and does, change, especially in youth. Please click the link below, and tell Governor Hogan therapist freedom and freedom of speech are important to you, and SB 1028 hurts Maryland's youth and our constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech!

Thanks for your support!
This campaign has now concluded.