Missouri SOGI

Earlier this week Governor Parson, and House Speaker Elijah Haahr, spoke favorably about amending Missouri law to recognize sexual orientation and gender identity among the state’s nondiscrimination categories. While they may be well-intentioned, such a change to Missouri law would increase government involvement in the free market, would hurt small businesses, and harm religious liberty in the state.


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These laws interfere with free-market principles by substituting the judgment of government officials for decisions normally made by private businesses and other organizations regarding what qualities and characteristics are most relevant to a job and how those organizations wish to operate. Small businesses that do not have armies of lawyers are most susceptible to being harmed by these laws.


Some states and cities have used SOGI laws to discriminate against faith-based nonprofits – like adoption and foster care agencies – that hold a biblical view of marriage and sexuality. This hurts children in need of loving families and faith-based adoption and foster care agencies.


In other instances, government employees and small business owners have been fired or risked losing their livelihoods for simply living according to faith.


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