Act Today to Stop Chemical Abortions on College Campuses!

Wednesday the California Senate Health Committee plans to take up SB 24 for consideration. SB 24 would require the state’s public university student health centers to provide chemical abortion drugs to students. Proponents of SB 24 insist the purpose of the bill is to facilitate student “access” to abortion. However, there is no demonstrable lack of access to abortion in California. In fact, last year former Governor Jerry Brown vetoed an identical bill because he didn’t agree with the legislature that there is a lack of access to abortion in the state.

Click the link below to send an email to your state senator, and Governor Newsom, and tell them you oppose turning campus health clinics into abortion clinics!

Senate bill 24 sends the wrong message to pregnant students on California college campuses. Despite what the powerful abortion lobby might say, parenthood and success in your chosen career are not incompatible.

The bill’s funding mechanism is purposefully vague. The use of private funds ignores the fact that a school clinic’s overhead is paid by taxpayers, and the language of the bill leaves open taxpayer-funded abortion in the future. A clear majority of Americans, and millions of Californians, continue to oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.

University campuses are no place to be distributing abortion drugs. Student health centers are not equipped to deal with complications from abortion, and the bill does not even require a standing agreement with local hospitals to provide emergency care in the event of adverse outcomes.

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