End Birth Day Abortions!

Soon the Texas Senate Health and Human Services committee will take up HB 16 for consideration. HB 16 ensures born-alive abortion survivors are given the same life-saving medical treatment as any other newborn. This bill would hold abortionists responsible should they commit the same atrocities Kermit Gosnell was convicted of. This bill saves lives.

Please take a minute now to let your state senator know you support protections for born-alive infants. Click the link below to get started!

All over the country Americans are waking up to the realization that the radical abortion agenda is a betrayal of the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us. Protecting born-alive abortion survivors should not be hard to do.

After Andrew Cuomo and the New York legislature celebrated the repeal of protections for born-alive abortion survivors, and the shocking comments made by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the time is now to enact this common-sense bill to support the humanity of born-alive infants.

The good news is polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose infanticide because it is antithetical to everything we stand for as a nation. Texans should act now, infanticide must end.

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