Stop the Abortion-Expansion Agenda in Illinois!

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I’m calling today to express my opposition to SB 25, also known as the “Reproductive Healthcare Act.”

The “Reproductive Healthcare Act” makes many changes to law which would imperil the lives of the tiniest among us, but most notably this bill:

  • Allows abortion on demand, at any stage of pregnancy
  • Ensures the least privileged among us - the preborn - can be ripped apart limb-from-limb, or poisoned, when they are most vulnerable
  • Forces medical professionals with a moral or religious objection to perform abortions

As if this extreme pro-abortion piece of legislation wasn’t bad enough, this bill was passed in the 11th hour, with little to no public notice or input.

Shady backroom deals, and end-runs around the normal, democratic, process is no way to go about changing abortion laws in the state.

All over the country Americans are waking up to the realization that abortion-up-until-birth is a betrayal of our responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us. The state ought to find ways to protect life, not ensure future generations are killed in painful late-term abortions.

Please don’t let the extreme abortion agenda of New York and Virginia come to Illinois. Stand with science, with reason, and with the preborn, and veto this bill!

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