Let your voice be heard. Stand against LGBT indoctrination in public schools!

Soon the California Committee on Appropriations will take up AB 493 for consideration. This bill would mandate all junior high and high school teachers in public and charter schools undergo training to affirm LGBT identities and refer students to activist organizations.

It would force Christian public school and charter school teachers in California to promote and approve of the LGBT agenda. Click the link below to call the California Senate Committee on Appropriations to say you oppose the indoctrination of California’s teachers!

Earlier this year parents and students rallied in Sacramento to oppose the state’s new sexually explicit health curriculum, but now the legislature is considering AB 493 – a bill to indoctrinate the state’s teachers to affirm “LGBT” identities and behaviors.

AB 493 would force Christian junior high and high school teachers to affirm LGBT identities despite a lack of medical evidence and counter to their personal beliefs about sex and sexuality. This bill presents a real religious liberty threat to people of faith who simply want to teach children, not become activists for LGBT organizations.

Take a stand to ensure California teachers are free from the LGBT indoctrination of AB 493!

Using the call script below, call the members of the California Senate Appropriations Committee and let them know you oppose AB 493!

Sen. Anthony Portantino – (916) 651-4025

Sen. Steven Bradford – (916) 651-4035

Sen. Maria Durazo – (916) 651-4024

Sen. Jerry Hill - (916) 651-4013

Sen. Robert Wieckowski - (916) 651-4010

Sen. Brian Jones - (916) 651-4038

Sen. Pat Bates - (916) 651-4036

Please use the following call script:

Please oppose AB 493, the teacher indoctrination bill.

AB 493 would force Christian public-school teachers in California to promote and approve of beliefs that conflict with their sincerely-held religious or moral beliefs.

This bill doesn’t simply force teachers to passively attend a training session, it compels teachers’ “sustained input and participation”. State-sponsored coercion of controversial viewpoints is wrong!

Already this year a diverse coalition of parents and students from all ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic levels, and backgrounds have rallied in opposition to the graphic, immoral, and age inappropriate sex ed guidelines.

AB 493, the teacher indoctrination bill, only continues to reinforce the idea that the legislature has little respect for this diverse coalition’s sincerely-held religious beliefs.

Please oppose AB 493.

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