Tax Reform Should Work for Families

The current tax bill repeals the non-refundable adoption tax credit of $13,570 per eligible child. Congress should maintain adoption tax credit in current law, which helps adoptive children find loving families.

The current tax bill only narrowly addresses the Johnson Amendment, the portion of the tax code that's been twisted to penalize pastors and other religious nonprofits if they talk about politics.  In the current draft, only churches and other houses of worship would have the freedom to speak openly about candidates and elections -- and even then, only from the pulpit. Free speech should be for everyone, and all faith leaders should be protected. Congress should incorporate in the bill language from the Free Speech Fairness Act, which guts the Johnson Amendment’s use by the IRS to stifle the political speech of nonprofits and churches without changing current campaign laws.

Please call or email these requests to your representative, and we'll do everything we can to make these pro-family provisions a reality with our friends on the Hill.

Thanks for your support!
This campaign has now concluded.